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Share and capture the moment from multiple perspectives with friends and people nearby

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What is a jShot?
A jShot is a 3D-style visual that captures a moment from multiple user perspectives.

Often people are at the same event taking photos of the same thing - a jShot helps you collaborate and capture the moment to create something TOGETHER as a group.
How many people do I need for a jShot?
A minimum of 3 people are required to create a jShot - ie. 1x initiator and 2x participants, but with only 3 people RESULTS MAY VARY.

One of the keys to getting a good jShot is having MORE participants... More participants = more images = better results. The best jShots are created with many people participating.
How do I create a jShot?
Create a jShot by sending invitations to people around you inviting them to participate in your jShot. Your participants point their cameras at the subject and you then trigger the countdown - all your participant's cameras will automatically synchronise to capture the moment at exactly the same time.

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① Invite participants

② Take the jShot

③ Process & share

Also, check out the how-to video:
Where can I share jShots?
jShots can be viewed or shared on any platform or social channel.

All jShots are stored as both .mp4 video and animated .GIF formats so they can be very easily viewed on most platforms.

Click the SHARE button to post your jShot to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other platform you use to be social and show your creativity.
Is there a maximum distance for a jShot?
The best jShot connectivity results are achieved within a 100m radius of the initiator.

The Jump.in platform utilises Bluetooth technology as part of the process to orchestrate event synchronisation across multiple devices.

jShot participants must be within a clear 100m radius of the initiator’s device - this is the stated bluetooth radius limit and can vary from device to device and other factors including: output power of the transmitter, sensitivity of the receiver, physical obstacles in the transmission path, device antennas and other environmental factors.
Halloween 2018 Jelfie

This is Jelfie

1. A selfie taken of two or more people.
2. A joint selfie.

Even selfies are better with friends - Jelfie is selfie in numbers.

Create a Jelfie

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jMini3D shots

Fly solo and capture 3D moments that you can easily share ANYWHERE

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(for dual-camera devices)

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