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HowTo: Jelfie

Jump.in BetaSquad

The Jelfie is a “selfie” created by two or more people
- at exactly the same time - using the Jump.in platform.

All you need to do is invite your friends to join - the more people the better!

Our helpful mascot will be assisting us with this how-to guide.

Whenever you see screenshots of the app, Jumpcat is standing in for YOU.

A Jelfie can done in 3 easy steps:

Now let’s get started and create a Jelfie...

1) Firstly, you need to select the people you would like to include in your Jelfie

a) In the JumpZone -

- Check to make sure that you can see the people you would like to participate in your Jelfie.

- You can update the JumpZone by tapping the refresh icon in the top left corner

b) Tap on the j-button to show the Jump menu - and then tap the Jelfie button

c) Select the avatars of the people that you would like to invite to participate in your Jelfie.

- A circle will appear around each of the users you have selected, and they will also appear in the “Selected” list at the top of the screen (you can scroll through by sliding right through this list)

- When you have selected all the users you wish to invite, tap the “Create Jelfie” button at the bottom of the screen

The next step is to choose the settings for your Jelfie and invite participants

d) We suggest you use the default settings for your Jelfie - but you can of course customise it to suit your preferences.

- Tap on the Description field and enter a description for your Jelfie

- To proceed with the default settings tap the [Invite users] button


- Customise the settings for your Jelfie using the options on screen

Wait for invitees to respond and then trigger your Jelfie.

a) Any participants you invite will get a notification on their phone and a popup that shows the details of your Jelfie ????????

- Invitees can [Ignore] or [Accept] your Jelfie invitation

- As the Jelfie initiator, you will see each of the participants connect if/when they accept your invitation

b) When you are happy with the number of participants that have accepted, position your face inside the guidelines on screen and tap the trigger button to start the countdown for your Jelfie shot.

- The Jelfie countdown will be synchronised across all participant devices, and then participants can send you their photos!

Invitee screen

Initiator screen

3) Process your Jelfie images

a) Your participants will send their images and as they upload they will appear on your device for you to manage them.

- Drag any thumbnail down ???? to refresh loading any new images

- Tap an image thumbnail to show it in the main viewer

- Hold and drag an image thumbnail to change it’s sequence

- Tap any blue arrow to deselect an image you do NOT wish to include in your Jelfie

- Tap [Next] in the top right to proceed

b) Drag the thumbnails left and right to preview your Jelfie in motion ???? ????

- Tap the back ← button if you want to make any changes with your Jelfie images

- Tap [Process images] when you are ready to proceed
c) Drag, pinch and move the main image to adjust it’s rotation, size, and position

- You can undo or reset any of your changes using the reset icon (bottom left, above the “Main” image thumbnail)

- When you are happy with the main image positioning, size and rotation tap the [Next] button

d) Drag, pinch and move each image in the sequence to adjust it’s size and position.

- You can also tap the icon to adjust each image’s rotation

TIP: For best results, try to align the subject’s eyes from each Jelfie photo

- You can undo or reset any of your changes using the reset icon (bottom left, above the “Main” image thumbnail)

- When you are happy with each image’s positioning, size and rotation tap the [Next] button

- After you position the final image, tap [Done] and your Jelfie will be processed

e) When your Jelfie is processed you can enter a description and it will appear in the Jump Explorer

- Tap the Jump Explorer icon and pull down ???? to refresh - your Jelfie will appear in the Explorer feed

- Tap on the thumbnail to view, and tap the the icon to share your Jelfie

- Tap “See photos” to view the individual images and scroll through them by tilting your phone left and right ???? ????